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follow url The United Arab Emirates is now known as the ‘land of opportunity’, however, despite attracting talent from professionals across the world, it is experiencing a distinct shortage of skills. With 83.7% of the total U.A.E. population being Expatriates, now is a great time to use distance learning to study for a recognised qualification in Business Management.

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http://thejeffersoncountyfair.com/fair-week-information/daily-events-schedule/ A recent report by Gulf News highlighted the shortage of ‘highly skilled professionals, in particular, those with a degree in Finance or International Business’.  The article also describes how companies in U.A.E. are struggling to fill middle management roles (nearly 40% of companies in the U.A.E. are facing problems when they hire for middle management levels). The United Arab Emirates has many sought after jobs within sectors including Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Business Management and many others such as Travel & Tourism and Hospitality.

IMPERIAL COLLEGE of BRITANNIA offers Expatriates a great opportunity through online learning to improve your career prospects and find yourself in added to the skilled environment.

For example, the online Diploma in Business Management can be completed in 8 months and will provide a solid understanding of Business and Operations Management among a number of others.

For Expatriates who may be considering a move back to there own country, and perhaps need recognised qualifications to re-enter the job market, these can be obtained through to Post-graduate level, all by distance learning. Students can study at their own pace, place and often alongside their current jobs at a fraction of the cost of obtaining a University qualification.

The online learning landscape has changed dramatically. Visit our website for more details or complete an online Contact Us form so that we can send you more information.

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