Imperial College Britannia prides itself on offering a supportive learning environment and teaching quality.

The enrolment process will explain the steps a prospective student will need to go through at ICB.  At each step of enrolment for the Diploma programmes offered by ICB, our student advisors are here to assist you.

Step One

Students are required to complete the online form and also provide us any additional documents as proof of their previous qualifications/experience.

Step Two

Students will be contacted if they meet the initial eligibility criteria for the programme. In order to enrol the student, a short interview will be conducted to establish if the student is able to complete the chosen course.

Step Three

Students will be asked to provide complete details. Once the students are eligible and have delivered their ID’s, an offer letter will be sent out to them.

Step Four

After enrolment, students will be given access to their My Page and resources will be uploaded in their area. The students will be formally introduced to their tutor via email and the schedule for their classes (online or on-campus) will be provided to them.

Note: Please note that the above was the enrolment process followed for students interested in our Diploma Programmes. These courses are directly delivered by ICB. For our degree programmes, student’s eligibility requirements will be checked and then forwarded to our partner, London School of Marketing. Once students are accepted on the course by LSM, they will contacted by LSM directly. The degree will be provided by the chosen university, whereas the course will be delivered by LSM.