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Study for a Degree – But Not at University!

While more and more of us are going to university to study, it’s not the ideal solution for everyone.
If you want to get those vital skills and qualifications that help in the work place, what are the benefits of studying online? And how can it help your future career? The good news is that there are a range of qualifications, including studying for the latest ICB online courses that can easily be done online. Qualifications that Matter The New ICB accredited qualifications available for study online not only provide the academic challenge you need but include modules and skill development built into them that improve possibility of employments. It was just few years ago, there was some dispute about online studying and some of this was indeed well founded. The improvement in technology in recent times, however, and the ability for students to access their information and study on the move, has changed the online learning landscape dramatically. Taking part in ICB online courses will deliver an excellent qualification that employers recognise around the world and which gives you the kind of skill set that sets you apart from others in the job market. Greater Flexibility One of the problems with attending university is that you need give up so much of your time to study. Taking an online course gives you much greater flexibility and you can often access modules when and where you want. It means you can organise your study more effectively around your home and work life and get a great qualification that employers want at the same time. Variety of Courses Because the online study market is growing, you can now choose from a variety of courses to take in the comfort of your own home. That’s a remarkable change over half a decade and gives us all access to important qualifications that can be tailored to our own individual needs. For courses such as the Diploma in Business Management, the input from companies and organisations used to help develop modules and content means that these courses are highly relevant in today’s competitive market. Lower Cost A university programme can cost you more then £25,000 to complete a full degree, not to mention the potential cost of accommodation to stay in a particular area. Studying relevant qualifications online comes at a much lower cost but you can also tailor everything to your own situation. That means you don’t have to worry about rising bills and paying off your student loan. You can keep control of your study expenditure while at the same time improving your job prospects. Continuing to Work While Developing While taking time off to complete a degree can be fun for some, many of us do want to work for a living. Online ICB courses allow you to work while completing important qualifications that improve your job prospects. You can also work with your company to ensure that you are getting the training and skills set that make a difference to both you and them. For instance, taking a ICB Business Management course can help you learn about the role of stakeholders and develop your understanding of accounting and human resource procedures while you’re getting practical experience in the workplace. Studying online gives you an internationally recognised qualification that can be used to increase your employment prospects and boost your earning power. The great news is that it can be tailored to your needs so that you get a strong foundation in your core subject area while also learning how to apply those skills on the job. For further information about ICB courses please contact us at [email protected]

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