Why Study at ICB? Looking to study at Imperial College Britannia? Whether you’re currently employed or looking to work or enhance your existing knowledge and skills, we have a number of qualifications that will allow you to go ahead of the competition in an increasingly challenging job market. Find a number of benefits of studying one of our offered courses as follows:

Career Development to increase credibility with employers

At ICB our courses are developed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Pursuing a ICB Diploma qualification will give you the opportunity to enhance knowledge of business and management and grow key competencies to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. This in turn gives you the potential to get promotion within workplace. Alternatively, it allows you to progress onto a Bachelor degree / Master degree / MBA top-up programmes around the World. See University Progression page for more information.

Flexible Study options

All ICB courses consists of rules, made up of units. This provides flexible ways to get a qualification. Each unit has a credit value which tells you how many credits are awarded when a unit is completed. The credit value also gives an indication of how long it will normally take you to prepare for a unit or qualification. Learners can pursue individual units and slowly build up the whole qualifications. There are three different types of qualification:
  • Award is achieved with 1 – 12 credits
  • Certificate is achieved with 13 – 36 credits
  • Diploma is achieved with at least 37 credits

Study Worldwide

Our qualifications are offered by its’ numerous number of approved delivery centers globally with a range of delivery options included online/distance learning. That means you can start when you like and finish when you like.

Pathway way to a British Degree/Masters programme

At ICB, we are regulated by a Regulation Authority, UK universities recognises our qualifications and allow ICB graduates to join relevant programmes. That means learners can also join relevant programmes offered at Study Centers/Partner Colleges/Overseas Campuses of UK universities.

Affordable Cost

It is usually much quicker and cheaper to take a ICB Diploma qualification and then go to university for the final stage of Bachelor Degree / Master / MBA top-up programmes, rather than taking a whole programme at the university.


At ICB our accreditation body allows and recognises the prior learning of a learner and gives exemption for the credits achieved from qualifications provided by some other professional bodies. Learners are advised to contact with the ICB admission department for more information.

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